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  • Caroline Cardew-Smith

March the Mole walks 2023

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

During March 2023 a series of walks took place at different sections along the river Mole. A number of groups, families and individuals came together to highlight the pollution in rivers, which is effecting the water quality nationally and for the river Mole.

Nigel Bond, from River Mole River Watch, took water samples on the way and tested for Phosphates at sites including Pixham Bridge, the Stepping stones, Langley Green and Hookwood. The results varied, but all results were in excess of 0.25ppm. Between 0.20-0.50 is rated as moderate and between 0.50-2.5ppm rated poor. At Pixham bridge, above Dorking Sewage Works the reading was 0.36ppm, (moderate) whereas downstream at the Stepping Stones was 0.64ppm (poor).

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